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Reservation in Promotions- UPA 2’s contempt towards court

This article first appeared in Niti Central and can be read here. While the UPA 2 tried to camouflage its real intention of diverting attention from the Coalgate by introducing … Continue reading

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‘Chal’ Satyagrah- MSM’s yet another defining moment

After being treated to the blistered feet of the Khandwa agitators for more than a week by most of the TV Channels, we are now told by the Time of … Continue reading

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Strategic Analysis sans sense of proportion

Limiting the number of Prime-ministerial/ Chief-ministerial terms to two per person is the most effective health check for Indian democracy, asserts B Raman in his recent post which has been … Continue reading

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The Internet Hindu takes lessons from Mainstream Secular

Frustrated at constantly being labeled as an aggressive, abusive, intolerant, anti-feminist, hardcore BJP supporter and a pro-Modi stupid who chooses to be anonymous or prefers to hide under pseudonyms, the … Continue reading

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Bathani Tola and Gulbarga Society- Media’s bias in reporting

No sooner did the SIT submit its closure report in the Gulbarga Society massacre case, there was a frenzy of reports in the National English Press. Every columnist wanted to … Continue reading

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Housing apartheid flourishes where media coverage is the most

Perhaps four years after Shabana Azmi and three years after Emran Hashmi alleged religious profiling by Mumbai’s landlords and housing societies ‘The Hindu’ wanted to do a status check by … Continue reading

September 12, 2012 · 1 Comment

Do not let down your readers, Mr Aiyar

When well-meaning journalists turn partisan and advise the government to stick to its patently wrong decision on the belief that their halo and aura can squint the vision of their … Continue reading

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Why MSM does not want us to forget 2002

While Ajaf Ashraf, the Foreign Editor of Outlook tries his best to assert and convince us through his article in today’s Hindustan Times  that Gujarat 2002 should not be forgotten, … Continue reading

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